Aftermath by Josan

Snape runs away from Hogwarts after the war because life is hard and he wants a fresh start I guess. Then we see him eleven years later with short hair, wearing leather and riding a bike. Yeah.

And then Ron is basically a poor muggle that was horrifically scarred by the war and now some people are using him for torture and rape on the regular. No, really. They coincidentally meet because of Mcgonagall’s squib cousing who sees auras and we also have a chance to read a detailed description of Ron’s thorn anus.

It got marginally better when I stopped trying to think of them as Snape and Ron and imagine instead some other people coincidentally named Snape and Ron.

Writing isn’t stellar either. Ron never got it on with Harry because “Harry’s het. He’s very het.” Because gay people use fanfiction terms when reffering to sexual orientations.

It’s a good thing it’s short, only about 11k words, but I didn’t finish it anyway.