Other waters by Mad_Maudlin


I had a problem with this story right from the start. It opens with Hermione dating Neville. I like him and everything, and I know he got brave in the 7th volume, and I am reading an angsty slash story but it’s only so far I can suspend my disbelief.¬†In my headcanon Neville is definitely maybean incel.

Ron has been missing for a while, presumed dead. Hermione is hooking up with Neville. Harry is an Auror.

The Ministry catches Nott jr., known former Death Eater and he mentions seeing Ron. No one heard of Veritaserum or Legilimency, because why resolve things fast when you can angstily drag them out.


I skimmed the last chapters, and it’s not a bad story, but it didn’t grab me either.