Draco in darkness by Plumeria

This story is a rice cracker. I mean, I know it’s kind of famous but it’s very bland.

Draco goes blind. Harry gets the chance to get closer. They’re both pretty ooc.



This was funny. 

Harry wants to try his hand at writing and what better subject for a first book than his own life? Problem is, he’s bad at it. More than bad, awful even. So obviously he decides to hire a ghostwriter, who happens to be none other than Draco Malfoy.

The story opens in a publisher’s office, who takes a look at Harry’s manuscript and the badness of it hits him so hard that he’s about to fall off his chair.

There is a short pause. Mr Knobbs picks up the manuscript again with a vague look of desperation and flicks through it one last time. The look on his face grows pained as his movements pause at a certain page. It’s probably the part where the conversation between himself and Dumbledore abruptly ends because it was too painful to recall. The textbook assured him that abrupt endings to conversations were entirely theatrical and very often done, often to emphasise a particular line or point. For Merlin’s sake, he’d been advised.

I started to laugh with the first lines and didn’t stop until I reached the end.

It’s not a terribly old fic, but even so I couldn’t find a link for it anywhere else other than the wayback machine.