He will have the power the dark lord knows not by dirgewithoutmusic


“What if Harry was a squib?” Things aren’t that much different.


The viper’s scheme by TheDancingCrow


In a world full of magic humans battled demons for hundreds of years.

For now humans are the ones who emerge on top, having devised a way to enslave the demons and seal their magic. Of course slave life is not a pleasant one, especially when humans do not see demons as rational beings with thoughts and feelings.

The demons choose an assassin to kill the “Chosen One”, the most powerful mage, but things don’t go as planned and he ends up his slave. He’s abused horribly, of course. Then he ends up living with his master’s best friend, who is treating him very well. But said friend has an ulterior motive: he wants to kill the Chosen One and steal his powers.

The biggest issue I have with this story is the massive amount of useless words. At 170k words the plot moves at a snail’s pace. We got to chapter 31 and covered only a few weeks of their time. Two thirds of that were useless fillers. If you skip from chapter 6/8 to 31 you won’t lose anything of importance. In chapter 31 the slave finally finds out why the new master was treating him so well and… reacts like a retard.

This should have happened 20 chapters ago. Nothing I’ve read here makes me feel like I missed out on things because I skipped 20 chapters. In fact, I skimmed through most of this chapter also because a tenth of it describes in painful detail how the slave and master climb on horses; how the horses take them to the edge of the town; how they go past the edge of the town; the plants and nice things they see; how and what they eat and the smalltalk they make while eating.  All useless scenes.

This girl writes well, but she desperately needs and editor who isn’t afraid of slashing the useless crap.

Other waters by Mad_Maudlin


I had a problem with this story right from the start. It opens with Hermione dating Neville. I like him and everything, and I know he got brave in the 7th volume, and I am reading an angsty slash story but it’s only so far I can suspend my disbelief. In my headcanon Neville is definitely maybean incel.

Ron has been missing for a while, presumed dead. Hermione is hooking up with Neville. Harry is an Auror.

The Ministry catches Nott jr., known former Death Eater and he mentions seeing Ron. No one heard of Veritaserum or Legilimency, because why resolve things fast when you can angstily drag them out.


I skimmed the last chapters, and it’s not a bad story, but it didn’t grab me either.